Recent Events: 2004 FireFighter I class VFA Live Burn Training  
Saturday March 6, 2004: WFD Members Steve Butcher, Nick Eid, Mark McDonough, & Nick Morehouse travel to Pittsford, VT to participate in the Vermont Fire Academy's live burn training exercise.
McDonough is forced to go goat-less for his live burn...chika boom, bow   prepping for the live burn   as do the boys from the east of us
Mark McDonough and honorary Warren Fireman for the day - Ed   Our Instructor Mark from Middlesex/Montpelier and his boy   Morehouse is having troubles early on with his 'thrown back'
Group#7 Just after final exit of the building (Ed from Marshfield, Nick Eid, Mark McDonough, Mark T., Steve Butcher, Nick Morehouse)    
Ed & Nick Morehouse attack a burning wagon
The wagon relights and Mark McDonough & Steve Butcher go after it again.
Smells like burnt toast, sweating and tired...
Happier than Pigs in s$#t
  Nick Eid - finally forced to watch in agony as the flu catches up with him    

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